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Analysis and Design

Wireless LAN Solutions

Future is Now

After taking the time to understand your needs, our next step involves making it work within your business environment. We come to you, analyze your workplace, and design a strategy that will work for you based on what we find. This includes:

  • Wireless Site Analysis
  • Wireless Site Surveys
  • Reporting
  • Wireless network recommendations

We will not be waiting for the next great breakthrough or development. We are industry leaders and we set the trends. Our solutions are completely tailor-made, customised to fit the exact requirements of your enterprise. As soon as you have a secure plan in place, it is time for us to provide an on-site analysis of your work environment. Through this process and actual knowledge, our team of specialists will be able to design an end-to-end business mobility strategy.

The next step involves developing and nurturing a mutual vision that will be a point of reference of a growth blueprint for your future.

Control your Wireless Network

How do you measure the connectivity and performance of your wireless network? Our work, extending from small companies to large enterprises, yields outcomes that display our ability to apply customised solutions effectively. Our first-class services include:

We will come to your premises and scrutinize your work environment, looking at everything from your average temperature to site dimension and accessibility. Based on this information, we will analyse which devices would be best suited for your business needs.

Our site surveys are intended to assist you in building a wireless roadmap. After examining your site and determining the best possible installation points, we plan and design a wireless network that will deliver the optimum results for your business.


  • Identify barriers in your existing infrastructure and develop solutions to overcome them.
  • Inspect your business to accurately provide the right device and software proposals based on your work environment, vertical and budget.
  • Determine your objectives and set goals for your mobile devices that are reasonable, realistic and measurable for your business.

Solutions Through Mobility

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