Since your field workers are working remotely and in various ways interfacing with your clients, it is imperative that they have the field mobility tools they need to work efficiently and accurately. This is extremely significant because your field workers need access to customer data, technical resources, route scheduling and stock availability. Just as important, your back office also needs to have synchronized access to data collected in the field.

If you are seeking to keep information clear from field-to-office, we can design a personalised field mobility solution for you. Handheld computers, tablets, wireless barcode scanners and mobile printers are all relevant in the operation. Then, once you pair mobile hardware with P.O.D., DSD and route accounting, planning or cross docking software, you will empower both your workers out in the field and back at the office.

Benefits Of Our Solutions Include:

  • Highly Improved Scheduling
  • Better Control over Operations
  • Better Engagement and Communication
  • Improved Technician Productivity
  • A More Effective Back Office
  • Proactive Maintenance