The food world as we know it is shifting at an extremely fast pace. Grocery retailers have been forced to advance their strategies to meet the demanding market shifts influenced by millennial patrons and health conscious shoppers, while at the same time also monitoring the increased want for fresher and locally grown produce. Within the supply chain, federal requirements mandate improved traceability within the supply chain. Whether you process, package or distribute food products, mobile technology solutions can help you keep food safe, fresh and readily obtainable for consumers.

Every business faces distinctive challenges, therefore creating diverse needs from company to company. That is why countless food and beverage businesses rely on Wireless LAN Solutions’ ground-breaking enterprise supply chain software, barcode technology, RFID, warehouse management systems (WMS), wireless networks, route accounting and fleet management software to track and manage food products from farm to table.

Power To Your Consumers

Our objective is to make lives easier and more enjoyable by offering “Solutions Through Mobility”. Whether it be in brick-and-mortar stores or online, Wireless LAN Solutions is here to provide innovative and custom-made solutions for the complete life-cycle of enterprise mobility projects. Our team offers full service and support across a variety of different industries. Particularly, we have worked with both large and small food and beverage providers, equipping them with the required tools to be successful in a tremendously competitive field.

The focus on sustainability and convenience within the food and beverage industry is rapidly becoming a primary trend for years to come. Don’t let your business fall behind due to inadequate connectivity. Contact us today to chat about how our food and beverage mobility solutions can help you move, manage and trace food products faster.