The Road to Success

Entice your workforce and push it towards superior efficiency by carrying out one of the final steps in our all-inclusive solutions blueprint: Implementation.

We make sure that your plan has been integrated flawlessly into business operations and allow you to check that the suggested devices are ideal within your business environment. Wireless LAN Solutions will reduce the common challenges by assisting with roll-outs and employee training. Our objective is to uphold Solutions Through Mobility and successfully coordinate your new mobile technology.

Enterprise Mobility Implementation at a glance

We want you to be certain that the product that we are selling is the correct one for you. After going through the necessary site analysis and site survey, we have identified exactly where your pain points are, what type of coverage your devices require and where your devices may experience interference.
Based on these facts, we will optimize your work environment so that your devices can work at optimal efficiency. Whilst we are setting up your wireless network and supplying you with the right software, we will also configure your devices so that they are all set to go when they arrive at your facility, saving you the extra legwork.

To ensure that your devices integrate seamlessly, we take a number of steps that include:

  • Providing in-field proof-of-concept, giving you the chance to test devices and software in your environment
  • Site optimization
  • Wireless network installation
  • Device configuration by our support team
  • Device and software training for your employees