Solutions through Mobility

Wireless LAN Solutions is the enterprise productivity solutions specialist who many high level companies turn to for specific, tailor-made mobility projects. Wireless LAN Solutions consult, design, track and execute enterprise solutions, whilst supporting the complete life cycle of your strategic plan and devices. Offering Solutions Through Mobility, Wireless LAN Solutions will ensure that your tailor-made and built for purpose solution will integrate seamlessly into your current infrastructure, ensuring a flawless deployment into existing industry operations.

Start transforming business operations today with Wireless LAN Solutions’ award-winning expert services, offering custom-made training, tracking, consulting and 24×7 support.


Our Warehouse Management Solutions ensure that your supply chain functions at optimal efficiency, with reduced pressure on resources whilst still maintaining speed and accuracy. Through our partnership with leading vendors, Wireless LAN offers a wide variety of tailor made solutions to meet your specific warehousing requirements. These solutions include industrial printers, supplies, mobile computers, ruggedized barcode scanners, data loggers, voice solutions, RFID Infrastructure as well as the implementation of your chosen WMS Software solution.

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Wireless LAN Solutions and their industry leading partners provide solutions that will ensure the timeous and cost effective transportation of parcels and cargo by road, air, sea and rail. In an industry where customer satisfaction is key, our T & L Solutions allow for accurate tracking of parcels from receipt to dispatch, eliminating the risk of human error.

One of the leading concerns for a client is time. We know that timely delivery and reporting is absolutely critical to the success of your business. You need real-time communication and data updates to track shipments, manage assets and provide a hassle-free process for your customers. Keep your fleet management and field service connected with our transportation and logistics mobility solutions.

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Transportation and Logistics

In an industry where absolute visibility and accuracy of reporting is required, Wireless LAN Solutions offer solutions that allow you to account for every aspect of your healthcare facility, as well as ensuring a pleasant patient experience.

With Wireless LAN Solutions and their partners, our solutions help you best enhance staff productivity, accuracy of patient tracking as well as ensuring that your facility runs at optimal efficiency 24/7.

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If you are looking to keep information clear from field-to-office, we can design a custom-made field mobility solution for you. These could include handheld computers, tablets, wireless barcode scanners and mobile printer.

As your field workers are working remotely and in many instances, interfacing with your clients, it is imperative that they have the field mobility tools they need to work efficiently and accurately. This is especially vital because your field workers need access to customer data, technical resources, route scheduling and stock availability. Just as important, your back office needs to have concurrent access to data collected in the field.

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Field Mobility
Workforce Automation

At Wireless LAN Solutions we offer broad and tailor made SLA Contracts to all of our clients on a National Platform. Our professional and experienced technical team will ensure that your site, office, warehouse or home automation system operates at optimal efficiency at all times. We offer preventative maintenance contracts that are designed to increase the longevity of your chosen product, by carefully assessing and repairing devices before the problem results in lower worker productivity.

Wireless LAN Solutions understand that not every site has the same requirement, therefore we allow for each site to be critically analysed before a solution is provided.

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Numerous food and beverage businesses rely on our innovative enterprise supply chain software, barcode technology, RFID, warehouse management systems (WMS), wireless networks, route accounting and fleet management software to track and manage food products from farm to table.

The food world as we know it is changing at an extremely fast pace. Grocery retailers have been forced to advance their strategies to meet the challenging market shifts influenced by millennial consumers and health conscious shoppers, while also monitoring the increased desire for fresher and locally grown produce.

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Food and Beverage
Retail and Hospitality

To ensure a successful retail operation, it is imperative that today’s retailers maintain their competitive advantage, doing so requires constant innovation and keeping up to date with technology trends to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

At Wireless LAN Solutions, we help you succeed in an ever changing industry by ensuring that both yours and your customers’ needs are met.

Wireless LAN Solutions has a broad range of products and solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs, at the same time as improving supply chain efficiency.

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Solutions Through Mobility