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Terms & Conditions

Wireless LAN Solutions

  • Quotes are valid for a period of 7(seven) calendar days from date of the quotation, or until the date of issue of a new price in respect of goods, whichever occurs first.
  • Prices are quoted in ZAR and are therefore subject to change due to ROE fluctuations. The final invoice price will be set on the ROE of the day. Any increase in ROE from the date of a quote to date of invoice will be for the customers' accounts.
  • If no specific date for exchange rate calculation is indicated the date of delivery will apply. Wireless LAN Solutions has the right, from time to time, to vary the prices of its goods & services without prior notice having to be given to the customer.
  • Quotations may be changed at any time before acceptance by the customer.
  • Quote Rejection Fee will be charged on all rejected repair quotes on scanners, printers, etc. by the customer.
  • All equipment is subject to the manufacturer’s standard warranty conditions.
  • Delivery 2 - 3 weeks subject to the availability of goods.
  • Clean power is required at all sites.
  • Solutions based on information supplied by the customer - Wireless LAN Solutions cannot be held responsible for errors in this regard.
  • Wireless LAN Solutions cannot be held responsible for any interference in the 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz license-free ISM band.
  • Note: that compliance to regulation or legislation is for the customer’s responsibility.
  • Payment terms are strictly COD, save where the customer is credit approved in which event payment is 30 days from date of invoice.
  • Only EFT payments or Bank Guarantee cheques will be accepted.
  • Support Agreements and High Site Rentals are payable on the 1st of the month and in advance.
  • All flights, accommodation, and in-country travel is for customer’s account.
  • All equipment remains the property of Wireless LAN Solutions until full payment is received.
  • All devices, designs (including drawings, plans, and specifications), estimates, prices, notes, electronic data, and other documents or information prepared or disclosed by Wireless LAN Solutions, and all related intellectual property rights shall remain Wireless LAN Solutions' property. Wireless LAN Solutions grant a customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use any such material solely for the customer’s use of the product. Customers shall not disclose any such material to third parties without Wireless LAN Solutions’ written consent.
  • All quotes do not include shipping and handling fee.
  • Transport, Insurance & Taxes – where Wireless LAN Solutions agree to ship the equipment to a place specified by the customer which is not at Wireless LAN Solutions’ premises, the customer shall be liable to arrange and pay for the transport, insurance costs and transport of the Equipment shall be at the risk of the customer.
  • All orders must be submitted on an official company purchase order.
  • Prices are FOB Johannesburg.
  • E&OE

General Terms and conditions applicable with reference to Wireless LAN Solutions (hereafter:“W-LAN”) Tower products, quotations and subsequent Purchase Orders accepted by W-LAN are as follows:

  • Work is carried out IAW the specification agreed by the customer.
  • Work is carried out IAW all SA standards and regulations applicable to such projects. Traditionally, industry standards accept dimensional and angular variations of ± 1% from nominal values. In case the customer requires higher accuracy for its application, W-LAN can quote on specific requests.
  • All work is carried out IAW the design accepted by the customer on the corresponding PO.
  • All work is carried out with materials as specified on the design accepted by the customer on the corresponding PO.
  • W-LAN warranties workmanship IAW SA standards.
  • Design approval is provided only in cases where the customer requests it and accepts the corresponding cost by means of the PO.
  • The customer is responsible for providing lawful access to the work site IAW with the schedule associated with the PO. Customer failure to provide lawful access or any other of its specific obligations as per PO exonerates W-LAN of responsibilities as outlined in the schedule.
  • The customer is solely responsible for any consequences resulting from overloading the structure manufactured and installed by the W-LAN IAW corresponding PO.
  • The customer is responsible for providing a geographical report of the site. When a geographical report is not carried out, W-LAN may assess the suitability of the soil for the attempted tower/mast erection. W-LAN may free of charge carry-out a “pick shoulder drop” test. This is a benchmark traditional method that is generally recognized across the industry to provide reasonable good results in situations where subsequent excavations will not reveal clay, water or rock. W-LAN will, nevertheless, not be responsible for any losses or cost escalations due to the late discovery of unsuitable soil conditions as mentioned above.
  • Quotations are based on the assumption that the site is accessible by two-wheel drive vehicles, there is no vegetation (trees) impeding on tower/mast erection and that the soil is reasonably level. W-LAN reserves the right to increase tower/mast erection price as required by operations required to correct site configurations differently from above. The schedule may be affected in extreme situations.
  • Lightning protection of the mast is provided by means of a lightning spike installed on top of the mast and the guy wires whose bottom terminations are grounded in a Tri-Star configuration and connected back to the base of the mast. More sophisticated lightning protection systems can be quoted on request. When the electrical conductivity of the soil is below customer equipment acceptable limits, the extra cost implied by the supplementary earthing system will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Extra work arising from supplementary customer requests and/or delays due to customer or its subcontractors' failure to meet the work schedule, will be invoiced in excess of the quotation.
  • If not specifically mentioned in the quotation, the validity of the quote is seven days.
  • All prices are NETT and exclude VAT.
  • All prices exclude duties and taxes payable for export.

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